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Eleven-year-old Emmylou is angry with her mother for getting sick and with her father for bringing them to a remote cabin - until they discover the Pixels. The tiny people need their help, and in saving them the family learns to have hope, for if Pixels can exisit anything is possible! 


A story for every child who builds fairy houses in the yard, and every adult who wants to.

An amazingly good
 and nice book!

      -- Amabel  (Age 8)


A truly wonderful
tale for young
readers to enjoy!

      -- Readers Favorite / Five Stars

A likeable, family oriented fantasy tale, defined by the warmth of its plot and character-building messages.

-- Kirkus Reviews

Just Released!


Olive, Toby, and Prince Jasper are reunited in a race to save the kidnapped baby princess in this exciting adventure.

'Haven is the fourth book in the Concordia series.

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