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Books for the middle-grade reader

In a time beyond imagining, all people and animals lived in one place - together yet apart and having as little to do with each other as possible. But change is coming, and every animal must choose whether to go into the Wild or stay with humankind. Then a boy named Tinnet befriends Dog and gives him a name, marking a time when nothing will ever be the same between animals and humans.

12 year-old Ruby has to move in with her grandmother while her mother serves overseas. Ruby learns about friendship and family in this engaging story about a child dealing with troubles she can't control.

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Eleven-year-old Emmylou is angry with her mother for getting sick and with her father for bringing them to a remote cabin - until they discover the Pixels. The tiny people need their help, and in saving them the family learns to have hope, for if Pixels can exisit anything is possible! 


A story for every child who builds fairy houses in the yard, and every adult who wants to.

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An amazingly good
 and nice book!

      -- Amabel  (Age 8)


A truly wonderful
tale for young
readers to enjoy!

      -- Readers Favorite / Five Stars


 Toby, the King's page, has been keeping a secret - he can't read. When a nasty boy named Harley tries to blackmail him, Toby and Olive find a way to turn the tables on him, even as a disastrous forest fire threatens Concordia.

Under the Summer Sun is the second book in the Concordia series.

The Kingdom of Concordia has a young king and queen but no children, to their dismay. Little Olive is a borrowed child, meant to keep them company, and becomes the "Pretend Princess." but what will happen to her when the king and queen have a child of their own?  

 "Pretend Princess" is the introduction to the charming four-book series set in this remarkable kingdom.


A likeable, family oriented fantasy tale, defined by the warmth of its plot and character-building messages.

-- Kirkus Reviews


"To make a friend you have to be a friend."

Good advice for lonely Prince Jasper of  Thisley when he comes to Concordia. After a rocky start, Jasper, Olive, and Toby become fast friends - just when the adults are quarreling. The teens survive an avalanche and solve an ancient mystery to restore peace between their kindoms.

Snow in April is the third book in the Concordia series.




Queen Gabrielle learns the true weight of her responsibility as Queen of Concordia when she faces both a disastrous flood and the treachery of an imposter nanny who has kidnapped the baby princess.

 Reuniting all its colorful characters, Haven is the exciting fourth book in the Concordia series.

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